Lymphocytic Infiltrate Of Jessner

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022

Lymphocytic infiltrate of Jessner is unusual skin condition that may be characterized by non-cancerous accumulation of leukocyte, which present as lesions or swellings on the skin. The lesions are usually not agonizing, patients with lymphocytic infiltrate of Jessner might experience irritation and redness. Lymphocytic infiltrate of Jessner has been believed to fall in the same spectrum as the autoimmune disease referred to as lupus tumidus or discoid lupus erythematosus. Other scientists think that lymphocytic infiltrate of Jessner should be assigned its own classification. Patients living with lymphocytic infiltrate of Jessner may experience symptoms including itching, soreness of the skin, and pimple-like eruptions, most commonly on areas revealed to sunshine. The skin surrounding the lesions may be reddened or itching. Those affected might additionally experience a burning feeling bordering the skin lesions. An extra symptom that people with Jessner disease regularly report is sensitivity of the skin to sunlight exposure cutaneous photosensitivity. The course of lymphocytic Infiltrate of Jessner varies from one person to another.

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