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a simple sign for recognizing off-axis oct measurement beam placement in the context of multicentre studies. "a simple sign for recognizing off-axis oct measurement beam placement in the context of multicentre studies.", by Balk LJ, de Vries-Knoppert WA, Petzold A. pone-0048222-g002: Off centre placement of the OCT measurement beam results in tilted images.Here we show the OCT live image obtained by the optic nerve head ring scan. (A) The reference scan with the measurement beam...

The primary objective of the USCRN network is to monitor air temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture/soil temperature level. In enhancement to these criteria, each station gauges ground surface area temperature, solar radiation, wind rate, relative humidity, dampness from precipitation, and a number of values that monitor the operating problem of the devices. Each terminal sends data hourly to a geostationary satellite. This web page defines the information of the information stream. USCRN stations are furnished with 3 independent thermometers which measure air temperature in degrees Celsius. These multiple measurements are then used to acquire the station's official hourly temperature worth. Each terminal has a considering rainfall gauge which is outfitted with three lots cell sensing units to provide three independent measurements of depth change at 5-minute intervals. The 3 series of 5-minute worths are after that used in a formula to obtain the station's main 5-minute and hourly precipitation value.

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