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irf1 and nf-kb restore mhc class i-restricted tumor antigen processing and presentation to cytotoxic t cells in aggressive neuroblastoma. "irf1 and nf-kb restore mhc class i-restricted tumor antigen processing and presentation to cytotoxic t cells in aggressive neuroblastoma.", by Lorenzi S, Forloni M, Cifaldi L, Antonucci C, Citti A, Boldrini R, Pezzullo M, Castellano A, Russo V, van der Bruggen P, Giacomini P, Locatelli F, Fruci D. pone-0046928-g002: Expression of MHC-I, IRF1, IRF2 and the NF-kB p65 subunit in primary NB lesions.Immunohistochemistry of human NB tissue sections with Abs to MHC-I (A, E), IRF1 (B, F), IRF2 (C, G) or NF-kB p65...

There have been heated discussions worrying the relative relevance of making use of Mhc variety as a basis for selecting breeders in conservation projects, most celebrations concur that the hereditary variability recurring in a jeopardized species need to be kept with genetic management, if at all possible. Significant proof exists documenting the influences of specific Mhc haplotypes on disease outcome and additionally that those individuals which are heterozygous for Mhc alleles appear to have a benefit for survival over those that are homozygous. More than half of the world's crane species are listed as endangered. Collective multi-organization efforts and the accessibility of considerable pedigree records have enabled the research study of Mhc irregularity in several types of cranes.

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