Malignant Transformation

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
medpix case - laryngeal papillomatosis with malignant transformation "medpix case - laryngeal papillomatosis with malignant transformation", by Original Source: Daniel J Bebereia; Author: Daniel J Bebereia (Naval Medical Center San Diego); Approved By: Peter D Snyder (Naval Medical Center San Diego);. Replace this - DESCRIPTION OF THE IMAGE OR FINDINGS....

In some patients, an identified non-malignant tumor will transform into a malignant tumor, which is unusual event. Malignant transformation of a non-malignant tumor or development of a non-malignant primary CNS tumor to a malignant tumor can be determined from medical professional statements in the patient clinical record or by pathological review. Pathologists develop a last medical diagnosis of malignant transformation or progression from a non-malignant tumor by evaluation of old slides from previous biopsies, excisions of the non-malignant tumor, or by review of the newly-biopsied or -resected malignant brain tumor.

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