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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
lip prints: the barcode of skeletal malocclusion. "lip prints: the barcode of skeletal malocclusion.", by Raghav P, Kumar N, Shingh S, Ahuja NK, Ghalaut P. F3: Lip prints of subject having different skeletal malocclusion with their lateral cephalograms: Intersected (transverse) lip pattern in skeletal class I, branched lip pattern in skeletal class II, and vertical lip pattern in skeletal class...

Malocclusion is a bite that doesn't straighten correctly from front to back. Normally, your front teeth line up just before your lower teeth. The teeth down each side of your mouth also straighten for an even attack. You may not such as the appearance of your teeth if they're crooked, even if it does not cause you harm. Yet if your teeth are overly crowded, without space between the surface areas, you may be more probable to experience dental caries or tooth loss. Malocclusion may be identified by having a/an: Overbite Your leading front teeth stick out dramatically past your lower teeth. Underbite Your lower teeth protrude over your top teeth. When you close your jaw as much as you can, open attack Your front teeth do not meet. Crossbite Your top teeth fit behind your bottom teeth. Or lost teeth might leave more space in your mouth for staying teeth to walk around.

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