Maneater Dead Horse Lake Map

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Last Updated: 05 February 2022

Maneater is the current parlor game created by Tripwire Interactive. In this video game you play the role of among the most unsafe sharks to humans called Bull Shark. At the beginning of the game, the predator where you require to preserve range is the Aligator, that is at degree 15. After completing 2 quests in the first area, Fawtick Bayou, you will get the third quest to visit the dead horse lake grotto.

If you have found the passage connecting the first area to the lake, the path to the Dead horse lake is fairly easy. If you have gotten to the eggs vital gate, you could get confused about exactly how to open it. To reach Dead horse lake, you require to discover a tunnel entryway displayed in the photo above. Once your risk level is high enough, there are a total of 10 seekers you need to combat in the game and they will show up. To open the gateway you require to hold a fish or human in your jaw and throw them utilizing the tail whip in the direction of the switch. Right here's just how to get to Dead Horse Lake in Maneater. The objective pen leads you right there, aiming to the Grotto's location within Dead Horse Lake with little indicator of how to get involved in it correctly. Head west from Fawtick Bayou till you reach the spot noted on the map over. You must see a grate underwater that can be used to first get in Dead Horse Lake once you get there. Yet this isn't completion of your preliminary journey to the Grotto, now you have accessibility to a small area of the map and require to reach the following one. Head to the place marked on the map over and look over the water. Once you clear this barrier, it's smooth sailing, or swimming to the Grotto, so just swim ahead and kip down once you see it.

There are 10 landmarks in overall in the Dead Horse Lake area, and you can discover them all marked on the map listed below.

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