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altered brain mechanisms of emotion processing in pre-manifest huntington's disease. "altered brain mechanisms of emotion processing in pre-manifest huntington's disease.", by Novak MJ, Warren JD, Henley SM, Draganski B, Frackowiak RS, Tabrizi SJ. aws024-F2: Statistical parametric maps showing the negative correlations between pre-manifest HD levels of BOLD in the disgust > neutral condition and: (A) CAG repeat length and (B) probability of manifest disease onset within five years....

WAYSIDE PANEL TITLE: John Charles Fr mont and "Manifest Destiny" PANEL DESCRIPTION: The wayside deals with north and is placed along a concrete course that ignores the bay. The curve of Municipal Pier is to the right of this scene, and the Marin Headlands stretch along the horizon. TEXT: Conflicting Views on Human Worth TEXT: In 1842, United States Army Captain John Charles Fr mont led a western exploration to explore and map the Oregon Trail. During his explorations, Fr mont was in charge of the ruthless murder of indigenous individuals, consisting of the slaughter of approximately 1,000 Wintu in the Sacramento River area in 1846. SUBTITLE: Jessie Fr mont looks in the direction of Alcatraz from the patio of the home that she shared below with John. The illustration illustrates a middle-aged John Fr mont in a fit and bowtie. TEXT: John Fr mont offered the Golden Gate its name in 1846. Jessie Fr mont puts on a large dark dress and rests on the flooring as she reads a book. TEXT: Jessie Fr mont signed up with John in California in 1849, traveling with their young daughter by ship and crossing Panama. Jessie befriended Reverend Thomas Starr King, a Unitarian minister known for his powerful sermons and advocacy for the civil liberties of free Blacks. At her Black Point home, Jessie welcomed King to write his intense abolitionist speeches in her study, and both hosted political and literary hair salons with prominent numbers of the period, consisting of Bret Harte and Herman Melville. DIRECTIONS TO NEXT WAYSIDE: To reach the following wayside, transform left and walk 63 feet along the cement walkway.

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