Marlborough Sounds Important Bird Areas

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Last Updated: 10 April 2022

New Zealand is the world's undisputed seabird capital. We have the world's largest population of seabirds that breed nowhere else in the world, as well as the world's largest number of seabird species that breed nowhere else. About 14 million pairs of breeding seabirds in total, more than one-third of the world's seabird species occur in New Zealand or its immediate ocean. Important Bird Areas are bird habitats that are internationally recognized as critically important for bird conservation and known to promote key bird species and other animals. Many bird species can be effectively conserved by these methods. Biological diversity supports ecosystem function and the provision of essential ecosystem services that support human well-being. For the long-term analysis of marine ecosystems, seabirds, as predators at the top of the food chain, are essential components of aquatic habitats and are a cost-effective and cost-effective canary in the cage. The Picton Heritage and Whaling Museum on dry land hosts informative tales about the region's whaling past. It's taken a lot of work over decades to restore the bush and the birds to islands like Motuara in the Queen Charlotte Sound, which was shrouded in lush rainforest when Captain James Cook claimed British sovereignty over the South Island in 1770. There are just 400 rowi around the world, and the chicks are part of Project Rowi and Operation Nest Egg, which hatch eggs are removed from the natural habitat of Okarito on the West Coast and hatched in captivity, and the chicks are sent to Motuara to grow into adolescence before being returned home. There are only 400 rowi. St Leonards is centrally located in the heart of Marlborough wine country and offers a central base from which visitors can tour all of Marlborough's sights. The New Zealand High Country is truly unique and stunning. The Molesworth was one of New Zealand's first private sheep stations during the nineteenth century, and it passed through some stunning scenery. The Marlborough Sounds are only a 30 minute drive from St Leonards Vineyard Cottages and within a 30 minute drive from St Leonards Vineyard Cottages. The Sounds are the first port of call for those who fly from Wellington to the South Island.

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