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Marquit 0100

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Last Updated: 16 November 2020

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LOUIS POST-DISPATCH iff ISS2 Sunday. October 6 1996 6100 Automobiles FOR SALE ZP CHEVROLET LINDBERGH & amp; MANCHESTER in KIRKWOOD EASY TO GET TO FROM Anywhere, I 3 1 J 14. In 1 I MANCHESTER I CHEmUUI 1-44 6100 Automobiles FOR SALE 6100 Automobiles FOR SALE 800-467-0833 CHEVROLET 1 P OVER Invoice on TRACKERS this Week ONLY! Offer expires Oct. 12 tfefiwsf-MM 6600-Mercedes Beu 6610 Mercury WEST COUNTY AUTO iAVE thoutonds on YOUR next Mcrceden WEST COUNTY AUTO, J MI. Wett OF 7; O, on MANCHESTER. 194-2742 '89 GRAND MAROliK ft 1 OWNER CAR. Onlv 2911 miit. IQOOea, 6I5U. 464-012 94 SABLE OS, Low mtles, AUTO, oif, rvir W cais., LJ, jvi. 9 GRAND Marquit GS, ail cow er, very nice CAR,. Wvy Hwv 34 & amp; Porker 74 1 IS IU0 '89 SABLE GS. 3 0. V4. 4 DR. Owr AT, AM FM cost, 90K ML, runi GREAT! 2, M. Sob 638 8417. '89 SABLE Low MI., 4 DR AC, need runt GREAT AC, need paint,! S4. 4UO. JB2 5Z2S. SAULS, LIKE NEW, ALL etnn, 15 995 ACCtNTLM 9114750 '94 SABLi ICKKled 14 995 V rr R R ' TAURUS, lull POWER, Aulo-frwill, I2. 9V5 YARROW M 9300 '94 TOP AT SPORT, I DOOR, nolo, OR, 40, niln I, Clean, Won MWi NO 1V4J NISSAN, Maida, Subaru 997 1400 14 95UCA ' 0nlv ML 'IT SABLE. V4. Wat SS000 SALE {matheq}2995{endmatheq} 00 dn Almost Everyone FINANCE cardinal 7901 Arsenal 773 1003 8 Couoar XR7, Oil owr, V8, CD pmyer, morngrey, exc. Cond,-jw 310 J & amp; uj pager NO. '88 SABLE, AUTO., Owr. Wind I Stereo, brown-gold, 1 OWNER, VLW9T P? Offer, M5-15M '88 SCORPIO, AUTO. Ithr. LOADED DEAN TEAM 227 0100 17 COUGAR LS. 3. 8 ENGINE, ALL POWER, reo T rea, exc, Cond., Wiwneg Ub-wn 87 COUGAR LS, V8, AUTO, FULL Dwr High MI, some front damuge, UI 1., I-I N jeIa 1996 LUMINA 4178 FROM 14 350 206 or 'Mo AUTO, AIR, POWER DOOR Locks Tilt, Stereo OVER 75 AVAILABLE NEW-. S CAiMAROfHZ NEW 1996 CAVALIER fro 19 949 '157 3828 OP W MO OVER 60 AVAILABLE 96 PRIZM 4180 ONLY 5000 14 448 168 NO W I UU MO AIR, Cruise, Cassette NEW ASTRO VAN FROM AUTO, AIR, load 11 977 I U U MO or NEW 1996 CHEV. S-10 PICKUP IB FROM 1691 14 997-96 TD flfCn JIM '-M 7on 77 I 3870 FROM or MO 9 247a. 5082 I 1997 BLAZER 4X4 01. K07 t4 1 or FROM MO POWER WindowsLocks, Till. Cruise, AIR, and much MORE! OVER 30 AVAILABLE I FROM ora uuur itucks in oiock NOW. I CD I uKivt ANY NEW or USED VEHICLE. Receive Cellular Phone FROM I AUFFENBERG PRE-OWNED AUTO CENTER YOUR NEW CAR Alternative ' Why Pay Difference, If YOU can't Tell the Difference! ALL PRE-OWNED VEHICLES pass OUR BUMPER TO BUMPER SAFETY INSPECTION! '17 Couoar. VS. AC. Dwoln lenls, Tilt, Cruise, Clean. Ono OWNER JIV3 7JI ZOU7 434 3164 '07 COUGAR, V6. Aulo. AC. W. O'll, Tilt, Cruise, S2895. SHERWOOD 741 5800 431 S7O0 Paoe AT LINDBERGH S GRAND Marquli 28K, Factory worn, l4, S0Flrm.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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