Mason Bees

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
lateralized antennal control of aggression and sex differences in red mason bees, osmia bicornis. "lateralized antennal control of aggression and sex differences in red mason bees, osmia bicornis.", by Rogers LJ, Frasnelli E, Versace E. f1: Photograph of a female and a male mason bee.Note the size difference and the longer antennae in the male. Photograph by M.L.C. (Nia) Iurilli....

One indigenous types you might not have read about is the mason bee. Unlike the honeybees, mason bees are singular insects. All females are productive and there is no social order like conventional bee colonies; specific bees rely on woodpecker openings, beetle grub tunnels, and small holes and cavities for nesting sites. Mason bees can play a crucial role in early spring fruit tree and berry pollination, especially when neighborhood honeybee populations are in decrease. In the springtime, when the temperature levels reach into the mid-50s, the male mason bees arise from the nesting cavity before the female mason bees. This egg cell is then blocked and the process repeats till the nest tube is loaded with specific egg chambers. Female eggs are transferred at the back of the tube, while male eggs are transferred closer to the opening; male eggs and larva are the first line of protection if the nesting tube is struck by a killer throughout the incubation process. Over the summer season, the larva hatch and eat the grocery store; they after that rotate a cocoon in late summer season, where the adult bee hibernates and matures. The NIEHS has developed mason nest obstructs that will be positioned on university later on this year. Male mason bees do not sting, and female mason bees will only hurt if bothered. Although the EPA has had nest blocks on campus for five years, they have not kept track of mason population changes, so this is a great possibility to check the development of the mason bee on our university and motivate plant pollination.

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