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Last Updated: 10 November 2020

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430 Domestic AUTO PONTIAC-1983 Bonneville 4 DOOR, cylinder, AIR Condition, cruise Control, Wire WHEELS, NEW TLRE. Extra extra Clean, private owner, must SELL, uc rlllce, tSyQO, 367-4358, P0NTIAC-'2 J 2000 I DOOR hatchback, AM-lm cassette, 4 Speed, NEW tires, AC, Clean CAR, S2750 794-8179 PONTIAC-1914 Bonneville LE. 4-DOOR. Tilt, cruise, AIR, stereo, power window, power locks, extra nice. 255-7000. PONTIAC 'at Phoenix. 64 000 Miles, Power steering and brakes, AIR, stereo cassette. Piue. Iw. Ibh Jo I-jjyv. PONTIAC-79 La Mans, 4 DOOR, Power steering & AMP; brakes, AUTO, AC, runt very Wen, iwv. Jmmtiw 430 Domestic Autos PONTIAC 45 Grand AM LE. 4 cylinder, Automatic, Power windows. 73 000 Miles. SUPER sharp. PARR MOTOR CO., Hendersonvllle, TN. 124-7777 PONTIAC-B1 Orand Prix, 2-DOOR couple LS, fully load, immaculate Condition, 64500 833-4827 4. Leave message PONTIAC-40 Bonneville, passenger Wagon, Power, GOOD Condition. 43195 or BEST OTTER. 262-5296 alter 4 BEAMAN PONTIAC 1525 BROADWAY 251-4400 PONTIAC-il Bonneville Brougham, low ml., V-L, NEW tires. 43150. 159-0502. PONTIAC-'OO Bonneville Wagon, dlesel, ALL options, GOOD nrc, NEW. J-JQ. 430 Domestic Autos 430 Domoitie Autos PONTlAC-944 TRANS AM Bandit. T-Toos. Only 11 000 ONE owner Miles. CALL JOE MILLS 242-5411. PONTIAC-'79 Grand Prix, bucket seals, console, cruise, Power windows, 42 500. Celt 747-3513 eam-Spm. PONTIAC 1944 TRANS AM, RED, 1-lops. Load, ' strong, S7S99. FRANKLIN NISSAN 790-2500. PONTIAC-1945 TRANS AM, 5. 0 mwt iwiii iuh tin, WILD I 411 550 or OTTER, 249-4115 PONTIAC-'80 Sunbird, J DOOR, AUTO., AIR, Power steer Ing, AM-FM tape, 47495, JOE. Oriev ivtoiors, tirt-lvw PONTIAC-'79 Sunbird, AUTO., Emfm, AIR, hatchback, excel-lenl, 41 000 ml., 41500 356-7121 POMTIAr '71 rrn Illtn. 4 DOOR, smaN V8, AUTO, Power, AIR, amfm, GREAT CAR. 41150 147-5904. PONTIAC-Perlslenne, 1944 4 DOOR, V-L, low Miles. Bee man USE CARS 251-4400. PONTIAC-44 Bonneville LE, ALL Power & AMP; extras, 1 owner, STOO. 37-3439 PONTIAC-1974 TRANS AM. Strong, load, 42499. FRANKLIN NISSAN 790-2500 PONTIAC '79 Grand Prix, AIR, amfm stereo, GOOD shai 42000. CALL 352-54 14 PONTIAC 79 Grand Prix. NEW MOTOR, NEW paint, perfect uarreti aft-re, aay-ooay PONTIAC-63 Bonneville Brougham. 16400. CALL after S WJ-I 14. 1985 BUICK RIVIERA M2. 950 Full Power, dark maroon wmatchlng Interior. 1984 OLDS CUTLASS. 5 695 Supram, cylM bucket Matt, 42 000 milM, nice CAR 1984 COUGAR LS. Automatic, AIR, load. 1984 LINCOLN MARK VII. Load, low MILE, beautiful, Automatic. '8 495 '13 800 1983 CAMARO Z-28. 7 300 48 000 milea, Grey, Automatic AIR. 1984 CAMARO 2-28 8. 500 32 000 milea, black, nice CAR. ' 1985 MAZDA 626 LUX. 7 895 load, low milea, marroon, ALL Power. 1985 HONDA PRELUDE 11 300 S-apeed, AIR, 21 000 milea, extra nice CAR. 1982 TOYOTA SUPRA 7BS5 Black, Grey Interior, Automatic, ALL FACTORY option. 1980 FORD MUSTANG 4 500 Light Blue WITH WHITE carriage roof, nice CAR. 1982 TRANS-AM 6 900 RED, 33 000 milea, T-topa 1984 HONDA ACCORD. 8 495 31 000 MILE, AIR, AM-FM caaaette. 1984 CADILLAC ELDORADO. '15 900 42 000 milea, extre nice, ALL Power 1986 NOVA. '8 995 4-DOOR hatchback, AUTO TRANA. Low MILE. 1985 FORD BRONCO. '9 800 load, 28 000 milea, ailver, 4x4.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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