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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
serpine2/pn-1 is required for proliferative expansion of pre-neoplastic lesions and malignant progression to medulloblastoma. "serpine2/pn-1 is required for proliferative expansion of pre-neoplastic lesions and malignant progression to medulloblastoma.", by Vaillant C, Valdivieso P, Nuciforo S, Kool M, Schwarzentruber-Schauerte A, Méreau H, Cabuy E, Lobrinus JA, Pfister S, Zuniga A, Frank S, Zeller R. pone.0124870.g004: Comparative analysis of end-stage medulloblastomas and cerebellar nodules in Ptch1Δ/+ and Ptch1Δ/+Pn-1Δ/+ mice.(A-F) Representative analysis of end-stage Ptch1Δ/+ medulloblastomas at 6–8 months (upper panels) and the superficial cerebellar nodules (Nd) detected in a fraction...

Dr. Marta Penas-Prado reviews her role on the NCI-CONNECT team and her interest in boosting the lives of patients with medulloblastoma. Dr. Penas-Prado recently joined the Neuro-Oncology Branch at the Center for Cancer Research, NCI, at the NIH, as an associate research medical professional for a program called NCI-CONNECT. I really felt the demand to add to the advancement of this relatively new area and to look for better therapies for patients with CNS tumors, states Dr. Penas-Prado. Dr. Penas-Prado has a special passion in recognizing the natural history and the molecular high-risk aspects of adult patients with medulloblastoma and developing translational research studies to explore new therapies. Developing and testing drugs in research laboratories is the first step to make sure the drugs are risk-free for a clinical trial or screening in patients and more medical trials are needed for adult patients with medulloblastoma. Medical professionals have discussed for years whether chemotherapy need to be used in combination with radiotherapy as the first treatment for all adult patients with medulloblastoma, says Dr. Penas-Prado. Dr. Penas-Prado wishes to assist patients in every feasible way, including literally and emotionally, even when there is not a treatment. We can help advice patients on the best course of action to treat their tumors and they can assist us gather the molecular and scientific details we require for more information about their tumors and boost treatment, claims Dr. Penas-Prado.

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