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Last Updated: 10 May 2022

Megawatt is the typical regard to dimension for bulk electrical energy. The optimum quantity of power a producing plant can producing throughout an ordinary year is called its generating capability or typical annual energy, expressed in ordinary megawatts. Northwest ability and energy for the numerous types of generation that make up the local power supply are revealed in pie charts on the Power Supply page of the Council's internet site. The ability of Grand Coulee Dam, the biggest in the Columbia River Basin and one of the biggest in the world, is 6,595 megawatts however its average annual energy is 2,732 average megawatts. Since 2017, the ordinary household electrical energy customer in the Northwest uses about 11 megawatt-hours per year. To use Grand Coulee Dam again as an example, its ordinary annual energy would suffice to power 2,175,655 residences.

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