Mesenteric Lymphadenitis

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
acute nonspecific mesenteric lymphadenitis: more than “ no need for surgery ” "acute nonspecific mesenteric lymphadenitis: more than “ no need for surgery ”", by . fig1: Abdominal ultrasound showing large hypoechoic mesenteric lymph nodes in a 6-year-old girl with acute nonspecific mesenteric lymphadenitis. The largest mesenteric lymph node short-axis diameter (dashed line) measurement was 9 mm....

Lymphadenitis is a condition in which your lymph nodes end up being inflamed. When the condition influences the lymph nodes in the membrane layer that connects your digestive tract to the abdominal wall, it's called mesenteric lymphadenitis. A viral intestinal tract infection is the usual source of mesenteric lymphadenitis, called mesenteric adenitis. Abdominal pain is common in teens and children, and it can be difficult to know when it needs medical attention.

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