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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
two birds with one stone: doing metabolomics with your proteomics kit. "two birds with one stone: doing metabolomics with your proteomics kit.", by Fischer R, Bowness P, Kessler BM. fig01: Conceptual differences between a typical proteomics workflow and possible metabolomics workflows. (A) A ‘shotgun’ proteomic discovery experiment will typically employ a pre-fractionation of the analyte pre- or post-proteolysis, followed by LC-MS/MS analysis. Identification of...

Metabolomics is the research study of low molecular weight particles or metabolites found within cells and organic systems. The metabolome is a measure of the inputs and outcomes of biological paths and, because of this, is frequently considered more depictive of the functional state of a cell than other omics procedures such as genomics or proteomics. In order for the complete capacity of metabolomics to be realized, the Common Fund Metabolomics Program was initiated in 2012. The Common Fund Metabolomics Program is increasing the national research capacity via the complying with program components: Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores Goal: To develop National Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores, increasing on existing across the country funded metabolomics resources. Training in Metabolomics Goal: To increase the variety of investigators with metabolomics know-how by supporting interdisciplinary training involving a diverse set of training vehicles that match profession stage and goals. Metabolomics Technology Development Goal: To address current restrictions in metabolomics technologies so they can be easily adopted by other laboratories. Metabolomics Reference Standards Synthesis Goal: To increase the arsenal of chemically identifiable metabolites via the synthesis of trusted metabolic criteria. Information Sharing and International Collaboration Goal: To provide a platform for the sharing of raw metabolomics information and to promote international cooperation in metabolomics. The program has created the Metabolomics Workbench, a site for publically offered metabolomics information as well as access to metabolite requirements, procedures, tutorials, training, and more.

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