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a case of paclitaxel-induced maculopathy treated with methazolamide. "a case of paclitaxel-induced maculopathy treated with methazolamide.", by Koo NK, Kim YC. F2: Optical coherence tomographic images of both eyes. (A) Thick cystoid macular edema in the right eye before methazolamide treatment. (B) Improved cystoid macular edema in the right eye after methazolamide treatment for nine days....

Methazolamide decreases the task of a protein in your body called carbonic anhydrase. Methazolamide is used to lower pressure inside the eye in people with certain types of glaucoma. Methazolamide is additionally used as a diuretic in people with heart disease, to decrease the build-up of liquid in the body. Methazolamide is also used to deal with particular types of seizures, and to deal with or protect against altitude health issues. Methazolamide may additionally be used for functions not listed in this medication overview. You must not use methazolamide if you have cirrhosis, severe liver or kidney disease, an electrolyte discrepancy, adrenal gland failure, or a hatred methazolamide or sulfa drugs. It is not known whether methazolamide enters breast milk or if it could harm a nursing infant. Your medical professional may sometimes change your dose to see to it you get the best results. Methazolamide may be only part of a total treatment program that may consist of other medications.

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