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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

MICAS is an integrated multi-channel instrument that includes ultraviolet imaging spectrometer, two high-resolution visible imagers, and a short-wavelength infrared imaging spectrometer. These technologies supplied unique systems come close to making it possible for the miniaturization and integration of four instruments into one entity, covering a wavelength range from the UV to IR, and from ambient to cryogenic temperatures with optical efficiency at a fraction of a wavelength. The layout enables the wavelength range to be prolonged by a minimum of an octave at the short wavelength end and to 50 microns at the lengthy wavelength end. Checking of the completed instrument showed excellent optical performance to 77 K, which would enable a significantly lowered background for longer wavelength detectors. Throughout the Deep Space 1 Mission, MICAS efficiently collected pictures and ranges for asteroid 9969 Braille, Mars, and comet 19/P Borrelly. The Borrelly experience was a scientific hallmark supplying the first clear, high resolution pictures and exceptional, short-wavelength infrared spectra of the surface area of an active comet's nucleus.

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