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Acadia MORE THAN 5 800 name TO Deans List LAFAYETTE-MORE THAN 5 800 STUDENTS FROM < strong > University < / strong > < strong > OF < / strong > < strong > Louisiana < / strong > < strong > at < / strong > < strong > LAFAYETTE < / strong > were recently name TO Deans List for Fall 2003 semester. STUDENTS are < strong > List < / strong > ed by Parish and college: Applied Life Sciences Amanda Spalding Anzalone, Hollie Renee Barousse, Allison R Benoit, Monica Kay Boudreaux, Mary K Bush, Peggy P Chaisson, Monique Renee Daigle, Kandice E Dequeant, Amanda Nichole Didier, Amy C < strong > at < / strong > herine Dore, Ashley Nicole Dronet, Tori E. Ware Dupuis, Janey Elizabeth Elkins, Brandon P Garber, Shantee Meion Gotte, Amanda Angelle Habetz, Kelli Susanne Thompson Koonce, Timothy James Leonards, Bridget LeDoux, Luke Anthony Moody, Renee Eileen Morgan, Jennifer Regan, Blaze N Stutes, Carmen Julia Valentin, Ann M Venable, Jeanne C Vidrine Arts Shantelle F Breaux, Jenny Lynn Dronet, Samantha L Elfert, Eric Brandon Hebert, Bryan Johnson, jar Scott M < strong > at < / strong > te, Lance Casey Orillion, Crystal J Potier, Jill Reaux, Todd Edward Rojes, Meagan Christine Rothermel, Andre' Michael Villejoin, Litonya Michelle Woodard, Nicholas S Zaunbrecher Business Administr < strong > at < / strong > ion Brad Michael Beller, Brady James Benoit, Micah Dale Breaux, Kyle C Broussard, Scott Thomas Broussard, Brandon K Cahanin, Jennifer M Carlson, Erika Champagne, Kim Champagne, Angela Marie Chaumont, Nicholas Colligan, Ashley Laine Comeaux, Miranda M Credeur, Ashley Nicole Daigle, Christopher Dane Daigle, Erin Elizabeth Dawson, LaToya Michelle Dugas, Jena Lynn Faulk, Adam S Fontenot, Valerie Joy Fuselier, Jennifer Claire Grotefend, James Leroy Harmon Jr, Amanda M Hart, Tracy E Herpin, Chauncey Michael Hollie, William jam Kartsimas II, Brooke Elizabeth LeLeux, Greta Gayle Leonards, N < strong > at < / strong > han LeBlanc, K < strong > at < / strong > ie Celeste LeJeune, Chloe Michelle LeLeux, Keely J LeMaire, Clint M < strong > at < / strong > thew Meche, Amanda M Menard, Erin L Menard, Tony J Menard, Naomi Rakari Michot, Jessica Lane Miller, Scott P Miller, Veronica Jayne Miller, Joshua P Myers, M < strong > at < / strong > thew Scott Neally, M < strong > at < / strong > thew Gerard Olinger, Colby M Pommier, Jamie L Pousson, Blair N Priv < strong > at < / strong >, Joshua P Richard, Joshua Paul Richard, Charles Hagen Sarver, Bridget G Schexnayder, James William Shiver Jr., Lisa Gobert Simon, Wesley J Simon, Rachael Ann Smith, Brent Sonnier, Samantha M Sonnier, Carlie Denice Stelly, Corey C Stelly, Kelly Figard Stelly, Nicholas C Trahan, Paul Glenn Vidrine II, George Bradford Ware III Educ < strong > at < / strong > ion rise Maria Abshire, Erin E Barousse, Chasidy Fox Benoit, Crystal Lynn Benoit, Casey N. Bergeaux, Jennifer R Beslin, Brett William Blakey, Brook Tara David Blank, Kelli K Broussard, James S Buller, Amanda L Caffey, Lewis Joseph Cook III, Ashley L Cummings, Hannah P Daigle, Abby Dawn Davidson, Kristina R Doguet, Amy Prevost Dupre, Holly Beth Fremaux, Stephanie Nichole LaCombe Fulton, Jessica L Gary, Sian Marie Gese, Rachael Jeanette Griggs, Trendy D Guidry, N < strong > at < / strong > Alie Richard Hanks,

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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