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Mick Jagger Snl

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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We can imagine that spending nearly six decades working within a songwriting partnership can put strain on your relationship. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met as young men when they formed Rolling Stones in the early sixties and the duo have worked closely together ever since. It partnership which has seen the pair become two of the leading figures in the music industry, but it hasnt stopped them from throwing out a few barbs here and there along the way. While some were found in jealousy and aggression, others were lot more light-hearted and played on their tender relationship. Below weve get a rare clip of the latter. It took place on Saturday Night Live back in 1993 as Mick Jagger was joined by Mike Myers for a very special sketch. During the skit, Myers takes on the role of Stones singerpouting lips and allwhile the Jagger does impeccable impression of his songwriting partner Keith Richards, providing perfect line: Mick, You ignorant slut. The Episode in question, shows 338, saw Beverly hill 90210 heartthrob Luke Perry Host Show and welcome Jagger on as part of the sketch team. We neednt go into the plethora of comedic talent on show on SNL in the early nineties, but when show feature Chris Rock, Chris Farley, Myers and Adam Sandler, you know youre on to winner. Despite talent in the ranks, Jagger would feature to steal the show with his performance. Jaggers ' appearance is met with huge applause when he and Myers appear as a Stones duo as part of a news segment from Kevin Nealon which not only has 90s vision of cellular phones but reference future US President Donald Trump. Myers and Jagger are welcome into sketch to provide point / counter-point conversation on censorship in music following the decision to drop Ice T from his label after his song Cop Killer. A serious undertone quickly evaporates from the moment Myers and Jagger appear on stage. Myer impersonation of the Rolling Stones frontman might well be a little on the hacky side, chicken wing arms and tremendously painful pout and all, but Jaggers impersonation of his friend Keef is measure and hilarious. Myers talks about the ethics of censorship before Jagger breaks up Americans ' off-key British accent with a near-perfect Richards impression. To make things strange still, Jaggers dialogue paints Richards as a police-loving authoritarian, proclaiming: Youve gotta stand up for cats in blue, man! But the sketch, and the audience in famous Studio 8H, take riotous turn when he say: Mick, You ignorant slut! All Time with your liberal clap-trap before trailing off and landing in a familiar heap on his chair. Miraculously, as Keith Richards often does in real life, he stumbles himself awake and writes tune with Jagger to complete the segment and our favourite story of the day. Watch the full sketch featuring Mick Jaggers ' impeccable Keith Richards impression below.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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