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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
microbiomes: unifying animal and plant systems through the lens of community ecology theory. "microbiomes: unifying animal and plant systems through the lens of community ecology theory.", by Christian N, Whitaker BK, Clay K. F1: Conceptual diagrams of six classical theories in community ecology, applied to the animal/human and plant microbiomes. Each panel represents a separate theory. Hexagons are used throughout to represent the bacterial and fungal constituents of...

The microbiome is the collection of all germs, such as germs, fungis, viruses, and their genetics, that naturally survive on our bodies and inside us. Some microbes change ecological substances in ways that make them more hazardous, while others work as a barrier and make ecological substances less harmful. The crucial role of the microbiome is not unexpected when considering that there are as many microbes as there are human cells in the body. Differences in the microbiome may lead to various health and wellness effects from ecological exposures and may help identify specific susceptibility to certain ailments. 273 p. FLM2014 115939 The Human microbiome, diet, and health and wellness: workshop summary. 197 p. FLM2014 143676 Kellman, Raphael. The microbiome diet plan: the clinically tested way to recover your intestine health and accomplish long-term weight-loss. Gastrointestinal health: prevent and strengthen the immune system disease via healthy digestion. 434 p. RC827. L57 2012 Oral microbial communities: genomic questions and interspecies communication. 402 p. QR47. O675 2011 Probiotic microorganisms and their impact on human health and wellness. For humans, microorganisms that live in your gut help in the food digestion of food, and bacteria that live on your skin assistance to damage down the lipids to produce natural moisturizing element for your skin. These germs that survive your skin or in your gut are wonderful in supplying colonization resistance. They're basically occupying all the space so that the pathogens that could wish to attempt to invade human beings do not have the opportunity, and that's our biggest protection versus microorganisms that intend to conquer us however don't assist in our health.

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