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skin cancer, melanoma staging (in-transit metastases, satellite tumors, and microsatellite tumors) "skin cancer, melanoma staging (in-transit metastases, satellite tumors, and microsatellite tumors)", by Terese Winslow (Illustrator). Melanoma staging (in-transit metastases, satellite tumors, and microsatellite tumors); drawing shows in-transit metastases in a lymph vessel more than 2 centimeters away from the primary tumor and satellite tumors within 2 centimeters of the primary...

Microsatellite, as related to genomics, describes a short segment of DNA, usually one to six or more base pairs in size, that is duplicated multiple times in sequence at a specific genomic location. These DNA series are generally non-coding. The variety of repeated sectors within a microsatellite sequence usually differs amongst people, which makes them beneficial as polymorphic pens for examining inheritance patterns in families or for producing a DNA fingerprint from criminal offense scene samples. Microsatellites are small pieces of DNA that repeat. They are usually only a few of the DNA base set letters in size.

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