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effect of alpha-1-adrenergic agonist, midodrine for the management of long-standing neurogenic shock in patient with cervical spinal cord injury: a case report. "effect of alpha-1-adrenergic agonist, midodrine for the management of long-standing neurogenic shock in patient with cervical spinal cord injury: a case report.", by Kim T, Jwa CS. F1: Initial T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical spine showed high signal intensity with diffuse spinal cord edema between C3 and C7 level accompanied with multilevel spondylosis (T2-weighted image, A: sagittal, B: axial)....

Midodrine works by restricting the blood vessels and raising blood pressure. Midodrine is used to deal with low high blood pressure that causes severe dizziness or a light-headed feeling, like you could pass out. When low blood pressure impacts daily life, midodrine is for use only. Midodrine may not boost your ability to execute day-to-day activities. Midodrine may be used for purposes not detailed in this drug overview. Midodrine can increase blood pressure even when you are at remainder. If you have significantly low blood pressure that impacts your daily life, this medicine ought to be used only. Midodrine might not enhance your capability to execute everyday activities. It is not known whether midodrine will hurt a coming baby. If you are pregnant or strategy to come to be pregnant, tell your doctor. It is not known whether midodrine passes into breast milk or if it could damage a nursing infant. You might take midodrine with or without food. If you normally lie down throughout the day, ask your doctor about exactly how to take this medication. Midodrine can increase your blood pressure even while you are relaxing or resting. Long-lasting high blood pressure can lead to major medical issues. You may require to keep your head elevated to help stop high blood pressure. Check your blood pressure while you are relaxing, and check it again with your head boosted. Midodrine is only part of a treatment program that may also include way of life changes, using support stockings on your legs, and potentially special medical treatment.

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