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midostaurin preferentially attenuates proliferation of triple-negative breast cancer cell lines through inhibition of aurora kinase family. "midostaurin preferentially attenuates proliferation of triple-negative breast cancer cell lines through inhibition of aurora kinase family.", by Kawai M, Nakashima A, Kamada S, Kikkawa U. Fig7: Aberrant mitosis of midostaurin treated cell. MDA-MB-468 cells were synchronized with the thymidine treatment, and subsequently cultured in thymidine-free medium with the indicated inhibitor. Cells were fixed, stained with Hoechst or each antibody, and...

Midostaurin is used along with other cancer medicines to deal with severe myeloid leukemia. Midostaurin is used to treat specific uncommon blood disorders, consisting of systemic mastocytosis with mast cell leukemia or other cancers affecting the blood, bone marrow, or lymphatic tissue. Midostaurin may also be used for functions not noted in this medicine guide. Both women and men utilizing midostaurin must use efficient birth control to stop pregnancy. Your physician will do a test to make sure midostaurin is the right therapy for your problem. Midostaurin is also being examined in the therapy of other conditions and types of cancer. Definition from the NCI Drug Dictionary, Detailed scientific meaning and other names for this medicine. If they can help deal with or stop problems other than the ones they are accepted for, drugs are usually studied to find out. This patient information sheet applies only to authorized uses the medicine. Nonetheless, much of the details might additionally apply to unapproved uses that are being researched. Targeted Cancer Therapies. Gilteritinib Improves Survival in AML with FLT3 Mutations. Your doctor will carry out a test to check for this mutation before you use this medicine. This medicine is additionally used to deal with hostile systemic mastocytosis, systemic mastocytosis with linked hematological neoplasm, or pole cell leukemia. This medicine is offered only with your medical professional's prescription.

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9829523C35H30N4O4570.6CC12C(C(CC(O1)N3C4=CC=CC=C4C5=C6C(=C7C8=CC=CC=C8N2C7=C53)CNC6=O)N(C)C(=O)C9=CC=CC=C9)OCC[[email protected]@]12[[email protected]@H]([[email protected]@H](C[[email protected]@H](O1)N3C4=CC=CC=C4C5=C6C(=C7C8=CC=CC=C8N2C7=C53)CNC6=O)N(C)C(=O)C9=CC=CC=C9)OCInChI=1S/C35H30N4O4/c1-35-32(42-3)25(37(2)34(41)19-11-5-4-6-12-19)17-26(43-35)38-23-15-9-7-13-20(23)28-29-22(18-36-33(29)40)27-21-14-8-10-16-24(21)39(35)31(27)30(28)38/h4-16,25-26,32H,17-18H2,1-3H3,(H,36,40)/t25-,26-,32-,35+/m1/s1BMGQWWVMWDBQGC-IIFHNQTCSA-NN-[(2S,3R,4R,6R)-3-methoxy-2-methyl-16-oxo-29-oxa-1,7,17-triazaoctacyclo[,6.07,28.08,13.015,19.020,27.021,26]nonacosa-8,10,12,14,19,21,23,25,27-nonaen-4-yl]-N-methylbenzamide4.8570.22670545570.2267054577.7114001434304400001
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