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successful treatment of temporal triangular alopecia with topical minoxidil. "successful treatment of temporal triangular alopecia with topical minoxidil.", by Bang CY, Byun JW, Kang MJ, Yang BH, Song HJ, Shin J, Choi GS. F1: (A) 2.5×1.0 cm oval-shaped alopecic patch on the right frontotemporal scalp. (B) Hair was observed on the alopecic patch after applying 3% topical minoxidil (1 years old). (C) The girl showed recurrent hair loss...

Minoxidil belongs to the basic class of medications called antihypertensives. High blood pressure may also increase the risk of heart attacks. These issues may be less likely to occur if blood pressure is managed. Minoxidil works by kicking back capillary to ensure that blood passes through them more quickly. Minoxidil has other effects that can be irritating for some patients. Minoxidil is being applied to the scalp in fluid type by some baldness men to boost hair development. Incorrect use of fluids made from minoxidil tablets can result in minoxidil being absorbed into the body, where it may cause undesirable effects on the heart and blood vessels.

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