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Miracle in Rome

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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Miracle in Rome

Directed byLisandro Duque Naranjo
Produced bySantiago Llapur
Written byLisandro Duque Naranjo
Based onThe Long Happy Life of Margarito Duarte by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
StarringFrank Ramirez Gerardo Arellano Amalia Duque Garcia Santiago Garcia Lisandro Duque Naranjo Enrique Buenaventura Daniel Priolett
Music byBlas Emilio Atehortua
CinematographyMario Garcia Joya
Edited byLisandro Duque Naranjo Gabriel Gonzalez Melendez
Production companyElisa Cinematografica International Network Group S.A. Television Espanola (TVE)
Distributed byRadio Television Espanola (RTVE)
Release date1988 ( 1988 )
Running time90 minutes

Love is never far FROM Death in these six films based on stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, originally produced FOR Spanish Television and gathered under the wildly understated rubric 'Dangerous Loves'. Though Mr. Garcia Marquez's name instantly brings to mind 'One Hundred Years OF Solitude, ' in which a woman too pure FOR this World simply ascends to heavens, he uses magic realism sparingly here. 'Dangerous Loves' shares romantic obsessions OF his recent novel 'Love in Time OF Cholera, ' where symptoms of romance resemble those of dread disease and sentiment pass FROM father to son like an emotional heirloom reads, 'The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not FOR Love. ' Mr. Garcia Marquez selected directors, five FROM Latin America and ONE FROM Spain, and collaborated on screenplays, based on fairly obscure stories part OF Festival Latino Film series, Each OF six works is to be shown separately at the Biograph Theater, beginning today and running through Saturday. Stylistically, these films could never be confused with North American works. They share the extravagance of clear bright colors and are completely sophisticated yet show few traces of fancy camera work. Their technical quality is exceptionally high and their artistic ambitions relatively modest. Though each director leaves his mark, films are united by Mr. Garcia Marquez's glorious obsession WITH Love and Death. In 'Miracle in ROME, ' a man from Colombia carries his daughter's fresh-as-Life corpse around ROME, hoping to have her canonize. Hanna Schygulla is a repressed German governess lusting FOR handsome young Mexican in 'The SUMMER OF MISS FORBES. ' aging turn-OF-century dandy pines FOR young married woman in 'The FABLE OF BEAUTIFUL PIGEON-FANCIER, ' and he sends her message that haunts all these films: 'I am dying FOR the love OF you. ' Four OF 'Dangerous Loves' end in Violent Deaths and others have Death in the air, so Mr. Garcia Marquez's characters pursue their passions at risk OF their lives. The Series begins with Cuban director Tomas Gutierrez Alea's 'Letters FROM PARK, ' an uncommonly sweet film among six. It was inspired by the brief mention in 'Love in Time OF Cholera' that the hero Writes Love LETTERS FOR other people. Here, Mr. Garcia Marquez creates a romantic triangle of three new characters and changes the setting to Cuba in 1913. Pedro composes poetic LETTERS FOR Juan and Maria, hiding FROM the fact that he is creating their romance; he himself loves Maria, who resembles his dead wife. Despite its theme OF thwarted desire, 'Letters FROM Park' is a charming, picturesque valentine. Juan wants to be a balloonist, and the film moves FROM swooping aerial views OF City to Maria's garden filled WITH red blossoms and Pedro's room, whose walls are painted mournful blue. 'The FABLE OF BEAUTIFUL PIGEON-FANCIER, ' by Brazilian director Ruy Guerra was also inspired by the detour in 'Love in Time OF Cholera, ' changing only the characters' names.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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