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Misrata Governorate

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Last Updated: 13 April 2022

Misrata Governorate was one of Libya's governorates from 1963 to 1983. Provincia di Misursata, 1939 Italian Libya Before WW2, it was called Provincia di Misurata and had the same extension and capital as before WW2. 3 Bibliography 1 Misurata Provincia di Misurata (map) See also Page 2 See also: Map showing the Provincia di Misursata in 1939 Egyptian Libya Before WW2 it was identified Provincia di Misurata. Provincia di Misurata. Provincia di Misurata in 1939 Provincia di Misurata Provincia di Misurata Provincia di Misursata While the Italian colonists immigrated, the Italians were over 10,000 and concentrated in Misurata, Homs, and a few newly established villages for Italian colonists. The majority of the population was Muslim, but there was a growing community of Catholics as a result of the Italian colonist migration. It was one of the four new Italian provinces of Mussolini's Greater Italia's Quarta Sponda. Vol. In addition, Misurata, there were nearly a thousand Jews. Bayda Governorate In 1971, Bayda was renamed Jabal al Akhdar.

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