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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
mitochondrial dynamics in pancreatic cancer "mitochondrial dynamics in pancreatic cancer", by David Kashatus. This image shows mitochondrial staining (red) and nuclear staining (blue) of abnormal pancreatic ducts from a mouse model of human pancreatic ductal carcinoma. Mitochondrial shape changes occur throughout the progression of pancreatic cancer and the...

Metabolic process is the process your body uses to make energy from the food you consume. Food is comprised of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Chemicals in your gastrointestinal system break the food components down into acids and sugars, your body's fuel. Your body can use this fuel right away, or it can store the energy in your body tissues. Mitochondrial diseases are a group of metabolic disorders. Mitochondria are small frameworks that create energy in mostly all of your cells. They make it by combining oxygen with the fuel molecules that originate from your food. When the mitochondria are faulty, the cells do not have sufficient energy. The symptoms of mitochondrial disease can differ. It depends on exactly how many mitochondria are defective, and where they remain in the body. Muscle mass and nerve cells have particularly high energy needs, neurological and so muscular problems prevail. There are no cures for these diseases, but therapies may help with symptoms and reduce the disease.

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