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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
mitosis "mitosis", by Unknown Photographer. This is a scanning electron micrograph of a dividing cell, cultured from chinese hampster ovary tissue (cho). The light micrograph (inset) of the same mitotic cell reveals that it's in the anaphase stage when the...

Mitosis is the process whereby a cell reproduces its chromosomes and then segregates them, producing 2 the same nuclei to prepare for cell division. Mitosis is normally adhered to by equivalent department of the cell's material into two daughter cells that have similar genomes. We can consider mitosis like making a duplicate of a direction manual. Duplicate each web page, after that give one duplicate per of 2 people. In mitosis, a cell copies each chromosome, then provides one duplicate to each of two daughter cells. We don't desire to inadvertently offer a single person two copies of page 4 and someone zero duplicates of page 4. We require each of our cells to get specifically one copy of each chromosome, and each duplicate needs to be perfect, indisputable, or the cells may have difficulty adhering to the hereditary directions. The good news is, our cells have remarkable systems to duplicate chromosomes nearly perfectly and to make certain that duplicate mosts likely to each daughter cell.

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