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Mother Collection

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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The Mother series, better known as EarthBound outside of Japan, has always been the black sheep of the Nintendo franchise family. It's only due to Ness & Lucas' appearance in Super Smash Bros. That many people are even aware of the series, due to how little attention games have receive. Nintendo has no problem selling the original Super Mario Bros. Game for the umpteenth time, but they have always seemed reticent to try and squeeze any money out of the EarthBound / Mother series. It's possible that Nintendo is planning something big for three EarthBound / Mother games, though. There have been a few unusual developments over the past two years that may hint towards compilation of some kind, with the big draw of official localization for Mother 3 being the main selling point. Mother 3 has been lost gem of Nintendo library for a long time, or at least it has to those who don't live in Japan and don't play games on emulators. Rumors of English localization of Mother 3 have come and gone over the years, but things really heat up when Emily Rogers and Laura Kate Dale start reporting rumors that port of Game was coming in either 2016 or 2017, but both of these rumors turn out to be unfounded and Rogers / Dale both seem less sure about their insider information afterward, prompting fans to wonder whether Game had been push back or was never coming at all. The absence of Mother 3 is nothing new, but these rumors from seemingly legitimate sources may have been derailed by the popularity of two Nintendo Classic consoles. It's possible that Nintendo might be saving Mother 3 for Game Boy Classic so that it could be used to promote Console in the same way that Star Fox 2 was used for Super NES Classic Edition. But it's also possible that Mother 3 could be being saved for collection, as there are funny things going on with the other two games in the series. EarthBound only saw release on Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console thanks to a fan campaign on Miiverse, and it would go on to become one of the best-selling Virtual Console games of all time. EarthBound will later be released on American and European versions of SNES Classic. So it stands to reason that Nintendo is OK with letting people play EarthBound-and yet, when we recently reported that list of leaked Super Nintendo games that are coming to Nintendo Switch Online service in the future, EarthBound wasn't there. There is a RPG on the list, but it's Breath of Fire II, which is a Capcom Game that would certainly have cost Nintendo far more money to include than EarthBound. Why would Nintendo shell out for third-party games when they have perfectly good games like EarthBound sitting around, especially when the developers of EarthBound are so closely tied to Nintendo?

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