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Mpiima Johnson

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 20 January 2022

Mpiima Johnson is an enjoyment publisher and a musical musician in Uganda covering local abilities and way of livings.

Mpiima was born on 1995/12/12 in Mukono District in Uganda where he grew up and later pertained to Kampala district. In Mukono district, he began his primary degree education and learning at an early age due to the decisions his mother and father made He later on signed up with Secondary school understood as Kajjansi Progressive where he finished his secondary four university level and later joined Aiden college additional school where he finished his kind 6 from. He later on signed up with St Lawrence University where he examined for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer science and he was warded a Degree honor of qualification after completing his studies. He later ended up being an Entertainment publisher at Media House Uganda, established in Entebbe district where he worked as an artist due to his appeal and famous, He is currently functioning as an amusement publisher and a journalist at Radio Pearl Uganda Radio. In 2020, he ended up being a songs promoter on social networks platforms where he worked as a musician, social media sites supervisor on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter.

Mpiima is an Online marketer, Music Promoter, songs author enhancing, promoting and uncovering talents in the communities. Mpiima, is a social media sites marketing specialist, Graphical Designer, Programmer, IT help desk Officer, Business Officer in Uganda advertising and improving different organizations under different companies, He lugs his operations on social networks systems such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Feature.

Mpiima is an individual who was born in Mukono district where he expanded up and studied his first baby room class from and later required to Entebbe, Uganda to wage his education and learning. In 2007, Mpiima suched as computers and scientifical activities, particularly brought on TV shows, which influenced him a lot to an extent he wanted to begin his own sites at that young age.

Mpiima is a bachelor but a daddy to a child called Nampiima Racheal.

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