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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
cyclin b1 mrna translation is temporally controlled through formation and disassembly of rna granules. "cyclin b1 mrna translation is temporally controlled through formation and disassembly of rna granules.", by Kotani T, Yasuda K, Ota R, Yamashita M. fig1: Zebrafish and mouse oocytes store dormant cyclin B1 mRNAs as asymmetrically distributed RNA granules. (A and B) Distribution of cyclin B1 mRNA in the zebrafish oocyte. B is an enlarged view of the boxed...

Messenger RNA is a type of single-stranded RNA included in protein synthesis. The role of mRNA is to carry protein info from the DNA in a cell's core to the cell's cytoplasm, where the protein-making equipment reviews the mRNA series and converts each three-base codon into its matching amino acid in a growing protein chain. Yet in between the DNA code itself, and the machinery that uses DNA to make proteins, there needs to be a translator. And mRNA is in fact the translated form of DNA that the machinery can use and recognize to put together amino acids into proteins. So this is truly an essential link in between what we think of as being the code of life and the actual cell being able to create a living microorganism. And in that sense, although DNA gets gone over a lot greater than RNA, mRNA is an important item of the fundamental way in which the living organism is produced.

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