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Music of Togo

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Last Updated: 06 November 2020

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Music of Togo

The early 2000s were marked by the emergence of Hip-Hop in Togo. Young Togolese artists, strongly influenced by Western Music, started to produce Rap and R & B. One of the pioneers of this music revolution is Ayaovi Eric Mensah, know as Eric MC. He released his first album, Adjamofo, in 2003. Ali Jezz followed with his album, One Million, and Wedy icon of Togolese R & B, released the album, New Day. Today, Togolese Hip-Hop is represented by young artists like Mic Flammez, winner of Best Hip-Hop Artist and Best Male Artist at the All Music Awards in 2014. Mic Flammez leads the Togolese music scene with hits like Plingo, President du Rap Game, Miledji and his latest release Raccourci Moule Paradiso. He shares the Togolese music scene with other artists like Willy Baby, KanAa and the talented Prince Mo. In 2012, Prince Mo released his album Logone 228 online, free of charge. The originality and power of his lyrics make him one of the key Hip-Hop artists. His new album was introduced with two songs: Dzitri and Avoude. In 2015, he won Best Hip-Hop Artist at the All Music Awards. Afropop refers to contemporary African pop. In Togo, Afropop includes several music styles. In 2005, Togos qualification for the 2006 World Cup in Germany allowed the public to discover Toofan, creator of the Obragada concept. This new dance which combines Rap and rumba rhythms won the hearts of thousands of Togolese with songs Bonne annee and Eperviers Obragada. For the first time, Togolese concept conquer Africa. A band, comprising of Master Just and Toofan, also started dance, Cool Catche. Several Togolese artists such as Kossi Apeson, DJ Mohab and 109 Connection joined the movement. Today, Toofan is international success with Gwetadance. The band has released four albums, namely Obragada 2006, Confirmation, Carte de Visite and Overdose. Gweta dance inspires other big names in Togolese Music like Almok, who won Best Togolese Female Artist at the 2015 All Music Awards. Her songs include Nononini, Dati wood and Jiguegue. Azonto concept From nearby Ghana gain traction in Togo. Dance was promoted by Fuse ODG, Tiffany and Black T. Song MakpoNde, recorded in 2012, in association with ChronoOne and the late Alena, is still popular in nightclubs of Lome and on national TV and radio. Songs Adje Oda From Master Popa and Aladji Be Gah From Etane also contributed to popularizing dance. In 2012, Mic Flammez, rapper, also released 100 % Azonto Song: She dey make Me in association with Franzy. Etane was discovered by Azonto dance. After the success of Aladji Be Gah, young artist made his name in Togolese showbiz with the release of Viagra in 2014 and Mepigan in 2015. Many covers and parodies online show the success of Mepigan. Etane won Best Male Artist and Best Song of Year at the 2015 All Music Awards. Laper Laper dance is among the most popular dances in Togo.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

AllMusic Review by Ron Wynn


1976Best jazz instrumental performance, groupNo Mystery (with Return to Forever )
1977Best arrangement of an instrumental recordingLeprechaun's Dream , The Leprechaun
1977Best jazz instrumental performance, groupThe Leprechaun
1979Best jazz instrumental performance, groupFriends
1980Best jazz instrumental performance, groupDuet (with Gary Burton )
1982Best jazz instrumental performance, groupIn Concert, Zurich, October 28, 1979 (with Gary Burton )
1989Best RB instrumental performanceLight Years , GRP Super Live In Concert (with Elektric Band )
1990Best jazz instrumental performance, groupAkoustic Band
2000Best instrumental soloRhumbata , Native Sense (with Gary Burton )
2001Best jazz instrumental performanceLike Minds (with Gary Burton , Pat Metheny , Roy Haynes and Dave Holland )
2002Best instrumental arrangementSpain for Sextet Orchestra , Corea.Concerto
2004Best jazz instrumental soloMatrix , Rendezvous in New York
2007Best jazz instrumental performance, groupThe Ultimate Adventure
2007Best instrumental arrangementThree Ghouls , The Ultimate Adventure
2008Best jazz instrumental albumThe New Crystal Silence (with Gary Burton )
2010Best jazz instrumental albumFive Peace Band Live (with John McLaughlin , Kenny Garrett , Christian McBride , Vinnie Colaiuta )
2012Best improvised jazz solo500 Miles High, from Forever (with Stanley Clarke , Lenny White )
2012Best jazz instrumental albumForever (with Corea, Clarke White) (with Stanley Clarke , Lenny White )
2013Best improvised jazz soloHot House , from Hot House (with Gary Burton )
2013Best Instrumental CompositionMozart Goes Dancing , from Hot House (with Gary Burton )

Henri Jerome Bertini Was a French Composer and pianist Who Live in the Classical era. Born to a Family Of Musicians, He received his first piano lessons from his brother, who was a pupil of Muzio Clementi. Soon after, he became recognized as a virtuoso and, by the age of 12, he was considered a child prodigy. From an early age, he got accustomed to playing in front of the public, His father took him on tour of England, Holland, Flanders, and Germany where he was enthusiastically receive. He continued his studies in Composition in England and Scotland, after which he was appointed professor of Music in Brussels, but instead he came to Paris in 1821. On April 20'th 1828, he performed his own Transcription Of Beethoven's 7 Symphony For eight hands with Franz Liszt, Sowinsky and Schunke. In terms of Chamber Music, he was well admired as a great performer, He often gave concerts with his friends Antoine Fontaine and Auguste Franchomme. In One Of His Letters, Hector Berlioz professes himself to be a great admirer of Henri Bertini and that his music makes his heart beat fast. Bertini Later Return favour, dedicating His Last Sextet To French Composer. He was active for a short period of time, in 1848 he retired from the Musical Scene. Although he concertize widely, he was not celebrate virtuoso as either Friedrich Kalkbrenner or Henri Herz. One of his contemporaries described his playing as having Clementi's evenness and clarity in rapid passages as well as the quality of sound, manner of phrasing, and ability to make the instrument sing characteristics of School Of Hummel and Moscheles. He was also a great teacher, Antoine Marmontel write: He was unsurpassed as teacher, giving his lessons with scrupulous care and keenest interest in his pupils' progress. After he gave up teaching, number of his pupils continued with me, and I recognized the soundness of principles drawn from his instruction. Bertinis complete Etudes are hard to come by these days. Give the quality of this music, we can only hope that a new critical version May One Day be publish. There is no doubt that such an Edition would be of great interest to All those Who Love Piano. Robert Schumann, in a review of One Of Bertini's Piano Trios in Gesammelte Schriften, comments that Bertini writes easily flowing Harmony but that the movements are too long. He continue: with the best will in the world, we find it difficult to be angry with Bertini, yet he Drive US to distraction with his perfumed Parisian phrases; All his music is as smooth as silk and satin. German sentimentality has never appreciated French elegance. He is best remembered today for his Piano method, Le Rudiment Du Pianiste, and his 20 books of aproximately 500 Studies. Here you can find a List of Henri Bertini's Works.

Alexander Dreyschock

DREYSCHOCK, Alexander, born Oct. 15 1818, at Zack in Bohemia, died April 1 1869, in Venice; Pianist of great executive attainment, and well-trained musician to boot. J. B. Cramer, who in his old days heard him in Paris, exclaim: 'The man has no left hand! Here are two right hands! ' DREYSCHOCK was the hero of octaves, sixths, and thirds, his execution non plus ultra of mechanical training. He plays his own pieces principally, though his repertoire includes many classical works, which latter he gives with faultless precision, but in a manner cold and essentially prosaic. In very early youth, already a brilliant performer, he became a pupil of Tomaschek in Prague. He began his travels in 1838, and continued them with little interruption for twenty years. Up to 1848, from which year golden time for itinerant virtuosi begin to decline, DREYSCHOCK gather applause, reputation, orders, decorations, and money in plenty, from one end of Europe to other. In 1862 he was called to the professorship of pianoforte at Conservatoire of. Petersburg, and was at the same time chosen Director of the Imperial School for theatrical Music, and appointed Court Pianist; but his health fail, and he was sent to Italy in 68, where in 69 he die. Body buried in Prague in accordance with the desires of his family. DREYSCHOCK's publications for his instrument have not met with much success. They are'salon music' of correct but cold and sterile sort. He also brought forth sonata, rondo with orchestra, string-quartet and overture for orchestra, all still born, spite of their solid and respectable musical parentage. Bohemian Pianist and composer. It is present in public with only 8 years old. In 1833, he settled in Prague, where he studied piano and composition with Tomasek. Then he began a brilliant career of virtuoso all over Europe, becoming one of the most spectacular pianists of his time. More interested in causing honda feelings in their audience thanks to his prodigious technical skill which leave brilliant legacy of compositions, his works were conceived for interpretive purposes. Most of his works are currently forgotten and among his scores for piano, bright style, some are only written to be play with left hand, skill that he cultivate. He became famous internationally thanks to his ability to play with the left hand, reaching Kullak composer declaring technically superior to Liszt. In 1862, he settled in Petersburgo as Professor of Conservatory and Director of the School of Music of theatre; in addition, there he became a Court Pianist. Thanks to his tours as a soloist, he amass great fortune. He died in Venice, where he arrive fleeing the Russian climate.

Life and career

In 1941, Tatum recorded two sessions for Decca Records with singer Big Joe Turner, first of which included Wee Wee Baby Blues, which attain national popularity. Two years later, Tatum won Esquire magazine's first jazz popularity poll. Perhaps believing there was limited audience for solo piano, he was inspired by Nat King Cole's successful jazz trio to form his own trio in 1943 with guitarist Tiny Grimes and bassist Slam Stewart, whose perfect pitch enabled him to follow Tatum's excursions. Tatum recorded exclusively with the trio for almost two years. Grimes abandons the group, however Tatum continually returns to this format. He also carry on his solo work. Although Tatum was admired by many jazz musicians, his popularity faded in the mid to late 1940s with the advent of the bebop-movement that Tatum did not embrace. In the last two years of his life, Tatum regularly played at Baker's Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, including his final public performance in April 1956. Earlier, Tatum had personally selected and purchased for Clarence Baker Steinway piano at Baker's, found it in a New York showroom, and shipped it to Detroit.

Selected works

Corea's other bands include Chick Corea Elektric Band, its traditional Jazz Trio reduction called Akoustic Band, Origin, and its traditional Jazz Trio reduction called New Trio. Corea signed a record deal with GRP Records in 1986, which led to the release of ten albums between 1986 and 1994, seven with Elektric Band, two with Akoustic Band and solo album expressions. Akoustic Band released self-title album in 1989 and live follow-up, alive in 1991, both featuring? John Patitucci on bass and Dave Weckl on drums. It mark turn back toward traditional Jazz in Corea's career, and the bulk of his subsequent recordings have been acoustic ones. Akoustic Band also provided music for the 1986 Pixar short Luxo Jr. With their song Game Maker. In 1992, Corea started his own label, Stretch Records. In 2001, Chick Corea New Trio, with Avishai Cohen and Jeff Ballard on bass and drums, respectively, released the Album Past, Present & Futures. The 11-song Album includes only one standard composition. The rest of the tunes are Corea originals. He also participated in 1998's Like Minds, which featured Gary Burton on vibes, Pat Metheny on guitar, Dave Holland on bass and Roy Haynes on drums. Recent years have also seen Corea's rising interest in contemporary classical music. He composed his first piano concerto-and adaptation of his signature piece, Spain, for the full symphony Orchestra-and performed it in 1999 with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Five years later, he composed his first work not to feature any keyboards: his String Quartet No. 1 was specifically written for the Orion String Quartet and performed by them at 2004's Summerfest. Corea has continued releasing Jazz fusion concept albums such as To Stars and Ultimate Adventure. The latter album won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group. In 2008, third version of Return To Forever reunited for a worldwide tour. Reunions receive positive reviews from most Jazz and mainstream publications. Most of the group's studio recordings were re-release on the compilation Return To Forever: Anthology to coincide with the tour. A concert DVD recorded during their performance at Montreux Jazz Festival was released in May 2009. He also worked on a collaboration CD with vocal group Manhattan Transfer. New group, 5 Peace Band, which features Corea and guitarist John McLaughlin, began a world tour in October 2008. Corea had previously worked with McLaughlin in Davis' late 1960s bands, including the group that recorded Davis' Album Bitches Brew. Joining Corea and McLaughlin were saxophonist Kenny Garrett and bassist Christian McBride. Drummer Vinnie Colaiuta plays with the band in Europe and on select North American dates; Brian Blade plays all dates in Asia and Australia, and most dates in North America.

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2007Best instrumental albumThe Enchantment (with Bela Fleck )
2011Best instrumental albumForever (with Stanley Clarke and Lenny White )
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Arts & Culture

- Toofan, Togolese music band was crowned Best African band and Best Francophone Artist during the 5 edition of Afrimma Awards held on October 7 in Dallas. Duo, compose of Master Just and Barabas, represent Togo in 3 categories, including Best Men's band in West Africa, Best African band and Best Francophone Artist. Let mention that this award occurs after two men released their new album called Conquistadors. The band then outperform Ivorian musicians such as Serge Beynaud and Dj Arafat, Congolese Fally Ipupa, Hiro and Master Gims, and even Cameroonians Stanley Enow, Locko and Daphne. Afrimma Awards, prestigious annual competition that honors the best African artists, cover all musical genres on the continent. At fifteenth position, worldwide, and first in Africa, under the Starting Business index of 2020 Doing Business ranking, Togo sustain its reformative dynamics with more reforms. Compared to some years ago when it was one of lowest rankers under the Doing Business Enforcing Contracts indicator, Togo, leveraging many efforts to improve its business climate, was able to jump significantly on the index in recent years. Creation of special chambers of commerce for small debts Creation of chambers of commerce at Court of Appeal Civil and COMMERCIAL cases now handled by distinct clerks Establishment of COMMERCIAL courts in Lome and Kara Lawyers and bailiffs now have access to FORSETI COMMERCIAL platform for a maximum period of 100 days was fix to settle COMMERCIAL dispute. In comparison to previous years, Togo has significantly improved its ranking under the Trading across borders indicator by adopting multiple reforms that focus mainly on digitization and reduction in delays, for import and export procedures relate to import and export. In comparison to previous years, Togo has significantly improved its ranking on the Trading across borders index by adopting multiple reforms that focus mainly on digitalization and reduction in delays, for import and export procedures relate to import and export. After moving from 133 to 127 place under the 2020 Doing Business construction permit index, Togo intends to reiterate this feat in the coming edition of the global ranking. To this end, it has introduced this year multiple reforms. Over the past two years, Togos ' ranking under Doing Business Getting electricity and water indicator has increased consistently. Owing this performance to multiple reforms aimed at making it easier for businesses to access power and water, Lome plans to introduce even more reforms this year to keep up its improvements. Out of all 'Doing Business indicators, Property Registration is where Togo has improved most since 2018. Indeed, after spending years in the lowest part of this ranking, country is now seeking to beat Rwanda, which is the best performer on this index in Africa. To do so, Lome has been introducing many reforms, with the latest batch implemented this year. From professionalization to digitization, through legislative regulations, Togos public procurement framework is constantly being modernize.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions


* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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