Music Therapy

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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

At St. Jude, music is a naturally healing treatment method. Music therapists might use many treatments to sustain patients and families at St. Jude during therapy. In order to provide efficient treatment, music specialists will urge patients and families to share suggestions for goals and music choices in group and private settings. There are three complete time music specialists at St. Jude, serving all scientific areas and available to families by reference. Any patient can be consulted to music therapy services by either a member of the therapy team, a family member or by the patient themselves. Once a recommendation is made, the music specialist seeks advice from both the interdisciplinary team and the medical chart to recognize prospective goal areas, in addition to music's possible role in therapy. Music therapists at St. Jude are nationally licensed by the Certification Board for Music Therapists and hold Music Therapist Board Certified credentials. Injury personnel obtain an extracorporeal membrane layer oxygenation or ECMO patient into the Emergency Department at Brooke. Related Photos New MHS GENESIS Capabilities Deployed at BAMC and LACKLAND; U, S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Gen. Clinton Murray, Brooke Army Medical Center commanding general and a transmittable disease. Relevant Photos C-Suite's Culture of Care; Army Brig, Gen. Katherine Simonson, Defense Health Agency Deputy Assistant Director of the Research and Engineering. Related Photos New Centers Will Deliver Advanced Care for Serious Eye Injuries; Airman 1st Class Rocio Romo, Space Launch Delta 30 public events specialist, and her son pose for a photo at Cocheo Park. Related Photos How to Help Military Children Reconnect After Two Years of the Pandemic; Modern combat safety helmets, like the one put on by this Marine, offer defense from both projectiles and blast waves. Music is a powerful tool that can assist patients relax deeply, Hanser states. In scientific setups, using music is fairly diverse, claims Boston music specialist Suzanne Hanser, EdD. Hanser has also released two studies showing that music therapy is an important tool in reducing the psychological difficulties of elderly people. "Music assists people that are sick take their mind off healthcare facility routines," states Audree O'Connell, associate teacher of music therapy at the Conservatory of Music at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, Calif. "When they're listening to music, they can be 'elsewhere. ' Don Laffoon, a registered drama therapist and chair of the National Coalition of Arts Therapies Association, instant previous president of the National Association for Drama Therapy, and supervisor of Stop-Gap, a drama therapy group, uses dramatization therapy as a prevention and intervention tool.

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