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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

Nance-Horan syndrome is uncommon congenital disease that might appear at birth. In affected men, the primary physical particular connected with Nance-Horan syndrome is the visibility of dense clouding of the lens of both eyes at birth. The lens of an eye is the small clear flattened and lengthened round located behind the iris via which light passes. The retina transforms the light into nerve impulses and relays the information along the optic nerve to the brain. Vision loss can possibly be extensive. Men with Nance-Horan syndrome might have added eye irregularities. Men with Nance-Horan syndrome might additionally have a number of dental irregularities such as unusually shaped, additional teeth, lack of some teeth, affected teeth or abnormally broad areas between several of the teeth. In many males with Nance-Horan syndrome, other physical findings might occur. Some males with Nance-Horan syndrome might also experience hold-ups in the purchase of abilities requiring the control of muscular and psychological activity. Autism spectrum disorder symptoms have also been observed in a few patients. As discussed over, ladies that carry a solitary copy of the disease gene for Nance-Horan syndrome may develop some symptoms of the disorder. Affected women may have extraordinarily small corneas and/or Y-shaped clouding in the back portion of the lens of the eyes at birth. Without suitable treatment, posterior sutural cataracts may advance to total clouding of the lens of the eyes later in life.

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