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comparative usability study of a novel auto-injector and an intranasal system for naloxone delivery. "comparative usability study of a novel auto-injector and an intranasal system for naloxone delivery.", by Edwards ET, Edwards ES, Davis E, Mulcare M, Wiklund M, Kelley G. Fig1: Naloxone nasal atomization kit (LMA® MAD Nasal™; Teleflex Inc., Morrisville, NC, USA) components and packaging. In descending order: Outer packaging for naloxone and delivery syringe (top); plastic delivery syringe; glass vial of naloxone hydrochloride;...

Naloxone is a drug authorized by the Food and Drug Administration designed to quickly reverse opioid overdose. Administered when a patient is showing signs of opioid overdose, naloxone is a short-term therapy and its effects do not last lengthy. A specialist should analyze the need to recommend naloxone for patients that are obtaining medication-assisted therapy or otherwise considered a risk for opioid overdose. Candidates for naloxone are those who: Take high dosages of opioids for lasting management of chronic pain; Receive revolving opioid drug regimens; Have been released from emergency clinical treatment adhering to opioid poisoning or drunkenness; Take particular extended-release or long-acting opioid drug; Those who have had a period of abstaining to consist of those lately released from incarceration. Pregnant women can be securely provided naloxone in limited doses under the supervision of a physician. It is essential to bear in mind to replace drug when the expiry day passes and if revealed to temperatures below 39 F or above 104 F.

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