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Factors: Ronald Harvey: Tuckerbrook Conservation LLC; Jonathan Taggart: Taggart Objects Conservation; Nancy Russell: National Park Service, Dry Tortugas National Park Construction of Fort Jefferson started in 1846 and proceeded for thirty years. In 1872-1873, one 15-inch smoothbore Rodman gun was placed at each of the ft's six strongholds and four 300-pounder gunned Parrott guns were placed on three fronts. The U. S. Army fort left Fort Jefferson in 1874. In 1900 the War Department offered the ordnance shops, including the cannon, carriages, ammo, and involved devices, to Henry A. Hitner's Sons, an iron and steel scrap dealer from Philadelphia, for $14,054. 20. By 1913, only the largest Rodman and Parrott guns continued to be. Ft Jefferson is located on Garden Key, among seven small islands within Dry Tortugas National Park. Surrounded by a moat, the fort entrance is by a small sally port. Twelve National Park Service staff members live at Fort Jefferson year round. All food, materials, supplies, and equipment must be brought to and from the park by the NPS supply boat.

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