New Zealand

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Last Updated: 12 May 2022
marine biodiversity of aotearoa new zealand. "marine biodiversity of aotearoa new zealand.", by Gordon DP, Beaumont J, MacDiarmid A, Robertson DA, Ahyong ST. pone-0010905-g001: The New Zealand region continental mass (Zealandia), seafloor, and Exclusive Economic Zone.Bathymetric contours indicate 250, 1,000, 2,500, and 5000 m. The solid white line shows the boundary of the New Zealand EEZ, the solid...

This sensational true-color image provides unusual, cloud-free check out the island nation of New Zealand, consisting of the majority of its North and South Islands. New Zealand is positioned in the South Pacific Ocean, about 2,000 km southeast of Australia. Wellington, the funding of New Zealand, is located on the southerly pointer of the North Island, looking across Cook Strait towards South Island. The New Zealand land mass is ancient. Human beings first worked out on New Zealand someplace between 950 and 1130 AD. These first Polynesian settlers called their new home Aotearoa, which means land of the lengthy white cloud. The first Europeans thought to have gone to New Zealand were led by Abel Janszoon Tasman from the Netherlands. In 1633, Tasman was worked with by the Dutch East India Company to sail the trading courses between Europe and Batavia. Tasman set sail on Aug. 13, 1642, in command of two ships, the Zeehaen and the Heemskerck. 4 months later, Tasman and his crew detected the shore of a colony that Tasman described as a large land, boosted high. During his voyage, Jansz observed an island off the coastline of New Guinea, which he called Nieu Zelandt. Other chroniclers suggest that Zeeland was the name of the 2nd crucial chamber of the Dutch East India Company. From space, the southwest coastline of New Zealand appears like the greenstone for which it is called. The land use pattern that appears like tan grains on a string are clearings up used to equip timber prior to it is sent to pulp and paper mills about 4 kilometers south of Tokoroa.

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