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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Davide Soliani isn't just your typical Nintendo fan. 15 years ago, upon finding out that legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto-Man that had made him want to create video games in the first place-was going to be visiting Italy to promote the new Zelda Game, he decided he had to meet him in person. So determined was he and his group of friends that they rang hotels throughout the city Miyamoto was visiting, claiming to be his Italian translators, until finally they found out where he was staying. They race over to hotel and proceed to wait, for hours, in cold and rain. It didn't matter one bit that Soliani was suffering from fever at the time, that wasn't going to stop him from meeting his idol and expressing his gratitude. For Miyamoto, this may have been a quick photo and a few autographs, but for Soliani, it was an incredibly important moment. Even then, he dreamt of someday working alongside this man, who in his eyes was quite simply the greatest game developer in the world. That very same year, in fact, Soliani started work on the Game Boy Advance demo for Wind Waker, in hopes that Nintendo might want to outsource the handheld version of the game. The idea was eventually shut down by his bosses at Ubisoft, but Soliani's desire to work on the core Nintendo franchise remain. And eventually, more than a decade later, he'd get his shot. Having been promoted to Creative Director at Ubisoft Milan, Soliani was tasked with brainstorming a new game that could revitalise the Rabbids brand. Party games are no longer selling like they used to and so there needs to be something new. If the idea was strong enough, he was tell, there might even be an opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo. That's all Soliani need to hear. He eagerly started putting together a team. And that's where he encountered his first problem. Ubisoft Milan at this point in time was going all out on Ghost Recon: Wildlands and could barely spare any additional resources. This meant Soliani was left with just a handful of designers, tiny workspace and not a single programmer with which to start work on his dream game. We were alone without coder, explained Soliani. So even before having one, we try to see by ourselves, if we could manage to prototype paper design that could help us. I still have dice we used to move our action figures behind cover and rulers we use for line-of-sight. The team would then invite other people from the studio into their tiny room to play it for themselves, with Soliani and other designers acting as the game's dungeon masters. It was through this process that early design started to take shape. Players weren't too crazy about the game having a wide range of different hit percentages when firing weapons and so they were simplify.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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