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aquaporin 4-specific t cells and nmo-igg cause primary retinal damage in experimental nmo/sd. "aquaporin 4-specific t cells and nmo-igg cause primary retinal damage in experimental nmo/sd.", by Zeka B, Hastermann M, Kaufmann N, Schanda K, Pende M, Misu T, Rommer P, Fujihara K, Nakashima I, Dahle C, Leutmezer F, Reindl M, Lassmann H, Bradl M. Fig4: Axonal spheroids/end bulbs in retina, papilla, and optic nerve. Sections through the optic nerve head (a, b), ganglionic cell layer (c-e, consecutive sections) and retinal nerve fiber layer (f) were reacted with antibodies against...

Neuromyelitis optica is a rare condition that impacts the spine and the optic nerves. NMO can affect people of any age, yet it's more common in women than men. See a GP if you have any associated symptoms. Neuromyelitis optica is also recognized as Devic's disease. In lots of people with NMO, the spinal cord comes to be swollen and aggravated. The optic nerve from the eye to the brain can additionally come to be irritated, a problem called optic neuritis. Some people might only experience transverse myelitis or optic neuritis yet, if they have a specific antibody related to NMO in their blood, they will be claimed to have NMO spectrum disorder. Symptoms of optic neuritis and transverse myelitis include: eye pain; loss of vision; colours showing up discolored or less vivid; weak point in the legs and arms; pain in the arms or legs, called sharp, burning, shooting or numbing, and increased sensitivity to cold and warm; painful and tight muscle spasms in the limbs; bladder, digestive tract and sex-related problems. Some people might only have one attack of optic neuritis or transverse myelitis, with good recovery and no additional regressions for a very long time. Your GP will refer you to a neurologist for more screening to verify the medical diagnosis and eliminate any other problems with similar symptoms, such as several sclerosis. It could be useful to read Your overview to care and sustain. NMO is usually not inherited, however some people with NMO might have a history of autoimmune disorders in the family and might have another autoimmune problem themselves.

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