Ogilvie Syndrome

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022

Ogilvie syndrome is a rare, obtained disorder defined by problems affecting the involuntary, rhythmic muscle tightenings within the colon. The symptoms of Ogilvie syndrome mimic those of mechanical blockage of the colon, yet no such physical obstruction exists. Ogilvie syndrome was first explained in the clinical literature in 1948 by a British surgeon named Sir William Ogilvie. The symptoms and seriousness of Ogilvie syndrome can differ greatly from a single person to another. Ogilvie syndrome can potentially cause significant, serious complications. Common symptoms of Ogilvie syndrome include abdominal swelling and bloating, abdominal pain, queasiness and throwing up. Added symptoms that can occur including fever, significant abdominal inflammation and an abnormal increase in the number of leukocyte frequently because of infection. Distention of the colon in Ogilvie syndrome can possibly lead to significant, serious problems consisting of the formation of an opening in the wall of the colon or lack of blood circulation to the colon. Opening might enable the contents of the colon to spill out into the abdominal cavity. A perforated digestive tract can cause intense abdominal pain, fever, and blood poisoning, a severe blood infection. Opening in Ogilvie syndrome is uncommon developing in only 1-3 percent of affected people. Ischemic bowel leads to tissue damages or death in the affected portion of the bowel. People with an ischemic or perforated digestive tract have a greater occurrence of fever and might have signs of swelling of the peritoneum. The peritoneum is the slim tissue that lines the within of the abdominal wall and covers most of the abdominal body organs.

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