Oil Spills

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Oil is an ancient nonrenewable fuel source that we use to warm our residences, generate power, and power large markets of our economic situation. But when oil inadvertently spills into the ocean, it can cause huge troubles. Oil spills can hurt sea animals, mess up a day at the coastline, and make fish and shellfish dangerous to eat. Petroleum, the fluid remains of ancient plants and pets, is a nonrenewable fuel source that is used to make a large range of gas and items. Oil is found below ground or below the ocean floor in tanks, where oil beads live in pores or holes in the rock. After drilling down and pumping out the crude oil, oil firms transfer it by pipes, vehicles, ships, or trains to processing plants called refineries. Oil spills are more common than you could think, and they take place in various means. Countless oil spills occur in U. S. waters annually. These tend to occur when pipes break, large oil vessel ships sink, or boring operations go wrong.

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