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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
jf-305, a pancreatic cancer cell line is highly sensitive to the parp inhibitor olaparib. "jf-305, a pancreatic cancer cell line is highly sensitive to the parp inhibitor olaparib.", by Yang X, Ndawula C, Zhou H, Gong X, Jin J. f3-ol-09-02-0757: Olaparib induces the DNA damage, cell cycle arrest and cell death of JF-305 cells. (A) Co-immunostaining reveals DSBs and HRR represented by γ-H2AX and RAD51 foci formation in the JF-305 cells exposed to olaparib...

Olaparib is used to deal with cancers of the breast, ovary, fallopian tube, prostate, pancreas, or peritoneum. Olaparib is often used when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, or when cancer has come back after treatment with other medicines. If your cancer has a specific hereditary marker, Olaparib is in some cases used only. Olaparib might additionally be used for purposes not noted in this medicine overview. Some people who take olaparib with a gonadotropin-releasing hormonal agent medicine may develop an embolism in the leg or in the lung. Olaparib might cause significant lung problems. If the papa or the mommy is using olaparib, Olaparib can harm an expected baby or cause a miscarriage. Your cancer treatments might be delayed based on the outcomes. Olaparib is being researched in the therapy of other types of cancer. Definition from the NCI Drug Dictionary, Detailed scientific meaning and other names for this medicine. If they can aid deal with or stop problems other than the ones they are approved for, drugs are commonly researched to locate out. This patient info sheet uses only to authorized uses of the drug. Much of the details might also use to unapproved uses that are being examined. Targeted Cancer Therapies. With Two FDA Approvals, Prostate Cancer Treatment Enters the PARP Era PARP Inhibitors Show Promise as Initial Treatment for Ovarian Cancer. Olaparib is also used to deal with advanced ovarian cancer in patients that have received 3 or more previous lines of cancer therapy.

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