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Old Farm Equipment

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Old Farm Equipment

Old Farm Equipment Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures "Old Farm Equipment Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures", by Public Domain Pictures, licensed under CC0

American farmers are seeking out older tractors, and not just as collectors ' items. Dated machinery is easier to use, less expensive to purchase, and cheaper to repair and maintain than modern tractors, so instead of early retirement, old workhorses are being put back into the field. Greg Peterson, founder of Machinery Pete, farm equipment data company in Rochester, Minnesota, recently told the Minnesota Star Tribune that most decades - old tractors have plenty of life left There is an affinity factor if you grow up around these tractors, but it goes way beyond that, Peterson told the Star Tribune. These things, are basically bulletproof. You can put 15 000 hours on it, and if something breaks you can just replace it. Hagertys resident tractor enthusiast Becca Hunt, whose farming family owns and uses four vintage tractors, wholeheartedly agree. They are tough and reliable, and if something breaks, it is easy to fix, she say. Plus, because theyre older, lot of parts are interchangeable with other brands. We have Oliver, but we can get part from another manufacturer and it still work. You ca do that with newer tractors; they tend to be part - specific, which can be a bit costly. A quick internet search proves that farm equipment manufactured in the late 1970s and 80s is popular on auction sites throughout the Midwest, but even tractors built earlier are going back to work. With many American farmers struggling to keep their farms financially viable, it is all about scoring durable, back - to - basics, bargain tractor. Older tractors definitely get a lot of bidders, says Hagertys Hunt, who attends farm auctions with her father. Farmers know those tractors are going to last forever, so theyre hot commodity. Star Tribune reports that Nebraska - base BigIron Auctions will sell 3300 pieces of farm equipment in a two - day online auction in December 2019. For year, BigIron auction 27 heavy - duty John Deere 4400 tractors, built from 1977 - 82, some for as little as 10 percent of what they would cost for modern - day equivalent. Tractors with fewer hours sell for more—sometimes lot more—but even then, they re considered bargains. For example, 1979 John Deere 4640 with only 826 hours sold for $61 000 in heavy bidding last August, and that's great deal compared to high - tech modern machines that sell for {matheq}150K–{endmatheq} 250K. As BigIron co - founder Mark Stock told the Star Tribune, those older tractors that had good care and good maintenance, that good property. Newer machines, any time something breaks, youve get to have a computer to fix it. That modern software can be helpfulfor. Instance, on newer machines, dealers receive warning whenever something is about to break. High labor costs can be prohibitive for many farmers, who traditionally take pride in fixing things themselves anyway. My father and I enjoy working on our tractors, Hunt say. If something breaks, it just takes a little wrenching and some elbow grease to get it fixed.

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