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Open Pen

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Last Updated: 17 November 2020

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Open Pen


Literary magazine Open Pen is to branch out into book publishing for the first time with a series of short books called novelettes. Write by Open Pen authors, magazine will publish four novelettes this year, starting with One Thing, working class tale of regret, loss, and hope of redemption and the first book by Xanthi Barker, and followed by Shitstorm by Fernando Sdrigotti, which follows perfect social media Shitstorm created after a doctor accidentally kills protected lion. Sdrigotti's first book in English, Dysfunctional Males, was published in February 2017 with La Casita Grande Editores, USA. Novelettes by other Open Pen authors, Mazin Saleem, Holly Watson, Mazin Saleem, and Tadhg Muller are currently in the works. Titles, which will be around 15 000 words each and priced at £4. 99, will be available to purchase from bookshops and online. Editor Sean Preston told Bookseller that as well as promoting and nurturing emerging writers, project is also exploiting the untapped market for short form paperbacks. This sort of fiction, at this sort of wordcount, is a natural fit for us, say Preston. So often we get short stories that are just too long for magazine, and yet feel like they could be expanded a bit more. I think there are lot of stories to be told that this length could really do justice. Discussing the type of work magazines will be published as novelettes, Preston say: fiction we look for will be similar to fiction we publish in Open Pen. Were looking for fiction that reflects either reflects every day life for the sort of people we really hear from in fiction, or fiction that is willing to take risk, whether that be in its style, or in its message. As always, humour is a big part of what we appreciate in short stories. Open Pen is a free short fiction magazine founded by Preston in 2011. Earlier this year, Bookseller reported that short story anthologies are enjoying a boom in sales, rising by almost 50 % in value, to reach their highest level in seven years. Trade figures suggest much of genres ' popularity could be down to blockbusters such as Tom Hanks ' debut collection, Uncommon Type: Some Stories, while others have credited writers such as Eley Williams and Cat Person author Kristen Roupenian as bringing form into new light.

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