Opioid Overdose

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
opioid overdose with gluteal compartment syndrome and acute peripheral neuropathy. "opioid overdose with gluteal compartment syndrome and acute peripheral neuropathy.", by Adrish M, Duncalf R, Diaz-Fuentes G, Venkatram S. f1-amjcaserep-15-22: (A, B) CT of lower extremity without contrast showing flank soft tissue edema with prominence of the gluteal muscles on the left. There is apparent fascia edema of the lateral aspect of the vastus...

Opioids, in some cases called narcotics, are a type of drug. A healthcare provider might provide you a prescription opioid to minimize pain after you have had a major injury or surgical treatment. Prescription opioids used for pain alleviation are usually risk-free when taken for a short time and as suggested by your wellness care provider. People that take opioids are at risk for opioid reliance and addiction, as well as an overdose. An opioid overdose can take place for a variety of reasons, consisting of if you: Take an opioid to get high; Take an additional dosage of a prescription opioid or take it frequently; Mix an opioid with other medications, controlled substances, or alcohol. Children are particularly at risk of unintentional overdose if they take medication not meant for them. A number of the medications used for MAT are abused substances that can be misused.

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