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Other Snapchatters Mean

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 09 April 2022

When viewing your article on Snapchat, there are some Snapchatters who might have left you scratching your head. Under normal story viewers, if someone you are friends with on Snapchat views your article. After viewing your story, the individual who appeared on your story viewer list may have blocked you. Some Snapchatters have you on their profile as a friend or have sent you a friend request that you haven't responded to. Back in 2017, a user tweeted What does other snap chatters mean on story views tagging Snapchat Help back in 2017. My secondary account was discovered under Other Snapchatters when I checked the story viewers of my main account. If the individual has watched your news, they will be on your normal news viewers. Secondly, if you see a gray arrow under a user in your chat list, it means that the individual has most likely deleted you as a friend.

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