Ova and Parasite Test

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

An ova and parasite test searches for parasites and their eggs in a sample of your feces. A parasite is a little plant or animal that obtains nutrients by living off another creature. Bloodsuckers can live in your digestion system and cause illness. Digestive parasites impact tens of countless people around the world. Lots of people get contaminated with a digestive parasite when they mistakenly swallow contaminated water or take a drink from a lake or stream. Children at preschool are also at higher risk for infection. Luckily, most parasite infections vanish on their own or are quickly treated. A parasite infection can cause major problems in people with weakened immune systems. Infants and older adults also have weak immune systems. Other names: parasitic evaluation, feces sample test, feces O&P, fecal smear An ova and parasite test is used to find out if bloodsuckers are contaminating your gastrointestinal system. If you've already been diagnosed with a parasite infection, the test may be used to see if your treatment is working. Your wellness care provider may order tests if you or your child has symptoms of an intestinal tract parasite. Screening might be gotten if you or your child has symptoms of a parasite infection and are at higher risk for issues. Some clinical conditions are treated with drugs that reduce the immune system. This can make a parasite infection more severe. You might need medication or other treatment if your symptoms don't enhance over time.

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