Over-the-Counter medicine

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Last Updated: 10 May 2022

Over-the-counter medicines are drugs you can buy without a prescription. This permits you to take a more active role in your wellness care. Keep in mind that there are still threats to taking OTC medicines: The medicine you are taking might communicate with other medications, foods, beverages, or supplements; Some medications are not right for people with certain medical conditions. People with high blood pressure need to not take particular decongestants. Some people are sensitive to specific medications; Many medications are not safe during maternity. Examine with your wellness care provider prior to taking any medicine if you are pregnant. Make certain that you offer your child the right dose. Don't use a kitchen area spoon if you are providing your child a fluid medicine. If you have been taking an OTC medicine but your symptoms don't vanish, call your healthcare provider. You should not take OTC medicines longer or in higher dosages than the label suggests.

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