Overflow Incontinence

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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

You might be experiencing symptoms of overflow incontinence if you locate yourself dripping urine during the day or even wetting the bed at evening. Overflow incontinence is just one of several various types of incontinence, the inability to manage peeing. You might or may not notice that your bladder is full. Unlike other types of incontinence, overflow incontinence is more common in men than women. Other possible sources of overflow incontinence include: Blockages of the urethra from tumors, urinary stones, mark tissue, swelling from infection, or twists triggered by going down of the bladder within the abdominal area; Weak bladder muscle mass, which are not able to squeeze the bladder empty; Injury of nerves that influence the bladder; Nerve damages from diseases such as diabetic issues, alcohol addiction, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, back problems/back surgical treatment, or spina bifida; Medications, consisting of some antidepressants and anticonvulsants, that affect nerve signals to the bladder. Next off, your doctor will look and carry out a physical evaluation for signs of damage to the nerves that impact the bladder and anus. Depending on the findings of the assessment, your medical professional may refer you to a urologist or specialist. Your doctor checks to see if you lose urine when coughing. After having you bowel movement and empty your bladder, the medical professional inserts a catheter to see if more urine appears. This can also be used to measure just how much urine stays in your bladder after you empty your bladder. If the medical diagnosis is still unclear, your medical professional might order urodynamic screening.

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