Oxidative Stress

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
differential expression of αb-crystallin causes maturation-dependent susceptibility of oligodendrocytes to oxidative stress. "differential expression of αb-crystallin causes maturation-dependent susceptibility of oligodendrocytes to oxidative stress.", by Kim JY, Lee EY, Sohn HJ, Kim SW, Kim CH, Ahn HY, Kim DW, Cho SS, Seo JH. F0002: Apoptosis and survival rate of OPCs and mOLs. (A, B) OPCs. In comparison with normal condition (A), OPCs with condensed nuclei are frequently observed under oxidative stress condition (arrows in B). (C, D) mOLs....

When your anti-oxidant degrees are low, oxidative stress is a physical problem that occurs. These degrees can be measured via your blood plasma. When there is an inequality of reactive oxygen species, also understood as free radicals, and antioxidant defenses, your body experiences oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to cell and tissue failure. In some studies, oxidative stress has been shown to help battle particular problems like cancer. Oxidative stress is mostly seen to damage your overall health and wellness. Some research has shown that oxidative stress may contribute in specific diseases linked with people's daily practices. Measuring oxidant and antioxidant degrees in the body can help scientists know exactly how these levels impact certain diseases. Oxidative stress has more harmful properties than helpful ones. That's why oxidative stress is an intricate imbalance that impacts many items of your total health. This huge role of anti-oxidants can be an aspect in avoiding or reducing the results of heart disease, cancer, and other lifestyle diseases.

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